Play Final Fantasy XIVWhat is Midgardsormr doing?

The lord of the wyrms played a serious role in the end with the 2.x story series in Final Imagination XIV, and he was a quite big influence by means of all of Heavensward. Yet the the fact is that we don’t realize a great deal about him beyond the fact that he’ohydrates old, powerful, and pursuing his own intention with gusto. He’s neither an enemy none an ally, precisely, while he fulfills both equally roles over the course of the MSQ. And there was some thing about all of that sitting down with some discomfort in the rear of my mind.

A couple of weeks in the past, I realized what it had been that bothered myself. Fair warning: Today’ohydrates column contains spoilers for your ongoing MSQ, albeit certainly not major ones, a great deal of speculation. In case you haven’t yet performed the quests and wish to avoid some small spoilers, you may not want to press below, although My spouse and i assure you that the spoilers you will note aren’t major piece points.

RUBBETH MINE BELLYSee, Midgardsormr does not indicate up in the post-3.0 missions. At all. He’s not really mentioned, he’s definitely not present, and he’ohydrates not a character. And that seems, on a few level, to be intensely weird.

A surface reading would declare that of course he’s not really there, he flew off at the end of Heavensward‘ersus story after a few words with Aymeric. His component is done. But then you start to think about it, therefore you realize that “his part” seemingly involved doing nothing with regards to his wayward young children, despite the fact that he expressly tells the player in which he’s coming along because of what it method for Nidhogg and Ishgard. By the end of Several.2, there are several issues that seem like stuff which usually Midgardsormr would like to be a element of… which he either doesn’to care about or simply doesn’testosterone levels care to involve herself in.

When you stop to think about it, that’s when you begin to notice some other oddities regarding Midgardsormr. His interactions together with Tiamat make it clear that he has feelings for you quite a bit about his / her brood, but actually is well liked seems to hold absolutely no malice for Ishgard despite the nation’azines actions. He also pieces you of Hydaelyn’utes blessing right before you really need it, and you devote a good chunk of Heavensward getting hired back, despite the fact that he / she tells you outright that you’ll be glad you actually lost it.

So what is Midgardsormr really right after? What do his methods accomplish? I thought about this for a while, about your selecting Tiamat before the final battle, and I came to some sort of conclusion. Which puts a lot of what received happened into an intriguing light.

Midgardsormr makes sure that Lahabrea and Igeyorhm die.

Think about the string of events. He strips you associated with Hydaelyn’s blessing before you decide to fight Nabriales, but then an individual kill Nabriales before he can communicate with any of the additional Ascians. So you encounter them again, and they know that you no longer have the benefit. They know you can be ignored. And that means you face them after the main scenario, and you then do have the blessing of light once more. They were unprepared. You kill 1 and Thordan kills another.

But something happens before you eliminate them. They combine, and they tell you clearly that this is the real power the Echo. Meaning that there’s a thing very fundamental on the Echo that we nevertheless don’t understand, in addition to hearkening back to some of the distress swirling around the nature of Shiva and Hydaelyn’s gift.

Nothing is ever straightforward.

So let’s rewind, and let’s find out if we can’t search for back Midgardsormr’s motivation, starting with the Garlean strike on Silvertear Lake. Obviously, he was motivated to stop them. However it’s also pretty clear that even with what we were told, he didn’t die whenever crushing the leading. He was hurt, although he wasn’t dead, anf the husband comes back as soon as he or she senses the player approach. That seems to imply he was awaiting something… something like the method of a being while using Echo, a attribute also possessed from the Ascians.

The Ascians who led to the roll-out of Bahamut. The Ascians that he hates. Way over he hates a small grouping of short-lived spoken beings that killed one of his / her brood, he hates the particular Ascians. Hates them with a fury he are not able to articulate, because the levels of severity don’t exist in the tongue connected with dragons.

He senses that this player is touched by Hydaelyn as well, certainly, but he’s not taking chances. He strips the blessing of light and says that he’s coming along, because he wants to see what goes on next. The player can be entirely on the level, as good as Hydaelyn believes, but Midgardsormr needs to find out for himself. It’s only when you understand the player is able to regain the Blessing inspite of the elder dragon’s actions that he’s ready to show a bit of belief.

But make no oversight, Midgardsormr knew that his time to act again was coming. They could hear Nidhogg’s song rising again. He knew it has been all just a matter of occasion; it is unlikely or else impossible that he ended up being unaware of the state of Nidhogg’s eyes. It was a point of when Ishgard became determined enough for it to operate, and when that paralyzing desparation would start to be appealing to the Ascians, men and women whom he knows function off of despair in addition to misery.

So he used the player as a catspaw. Something to make sure that his opponents were dealt with.

That is really what Midgardsormr is concerned with, and when you think about it, celebrate a certain amount of sense. Success of the species isn’t a concern for him or her. The future of Nidhogg’s campaign and the fate regarding Ishgard are irrelevant to him. Midgardsormr operates for a scale which is to date beyond the average voiced lifespan that he can easily sit and seem expended for decades without supplying the slightest inclination which he’s alive. And from now on he’s off once more, unconcerned with Nidhogg… watching something else. Waiting.

They also serve who lie in wait...

What is actually he waiting for? We don’t know. Yet given the presence of the actual Dark Warriors and the developments in the Dragonsong Warfare, I think it’s safe to assume that we haven’t noticed the last of him. And his awesome absence, far from getting indicative of not caring, is actually instead the manifestation of someone who cares a significant bit… and is prepared to wait for an right time to act.

Or the expansion team just authored what they considered suitable end to his role and permit him to slump off to the night without a next thought. It is possible that i’m overthinking this a fair bit.

As always, feedback is encouraged in the comments listed below or via snail mail to The next time around, I want to focus on expectations for the next development and what I think will be fair, unfair, or even wildly unrealistic.