In my opinion, a good MMO expansion doesn’t simply pile on new features however genuinely enhances along with organically blends along with the established video game world. I am not a fan of updates that are so desperate to be game-changers they break what works, strongarm the tale in a wildly diverse direction, and alienate fans who have produced to love that headline.

This line of thought possesses led me to be able to ponder MMOs that have cultivated the best over time. Several, I feel, start to look like patchwork quilts of one-off dev thoughts, cul-de-sac story arcs, and tonal mismatches. Other folks fare much better under a steady hand of your team with an overarching eye-sight.

I’d probably nominate Lord of the Rings Online as a online game that’s grown rather effectively over time, although it’ersus not been definitely perfect in all cya. I enjoyed this world’s unfolding, the course of the journey, and the attention to cohesiveness.

What think? Which MMO has grown the best over time?

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