Super Arc Light, from the curiously named development business called Channel 4 Television Corporation, offers pushed out a update that brings with it quite a good number associated with additions to it. For those who are not familiar with this game, Tremendous Arc Light is a fast-paced hybrid title that combines a good arcade shooter with the endless tunnel race game, all of which will be wrapped up in a minimalist style of visuals.

You is going to be racing as fast as possible as a result of space, within a tunnel, all while looking to take out all the adversaries that are coming towards you at the same time. There’s no phases so there’s no stop either. You’ll need to endure for as long as possible and you will need to have good reflexes in order to accomplish that. It is not just about shooting enemies out of the sky.

The bring up to date for Super Arc Light-weight brings a new problems mode called Three or more Lives. As you are most likely guessing, you only get three lives to restore as far as possible. There is also a new weapon selection system that will provide players three arbitrarily selected weapons to use. You will need to deal with whatever weapons you end up acquiring. Each one has its own switch, so you can just use normally the one you want to use when you wish to.

Super Arc Light can also have your current ranking visible while you’re playing and when you kick the bucket, you’ll be able to see your speed stats on the Game Over screen. Rounding anything out is one completely new enemy that has been included with the game that you’ll need to learn and deal with.

For people with this game installed, you should be able to get the update at any time now. If you want to breeze up a copy of Super Arc Light, you can do so for $0.99.