In a nice surprise, Catapult League Developer Psyonix possesses rolled out the newest repair for Rocket Group, which is now available for download on Ps 4, Xbox One particular and PC. The most recent patch sees the official release of “Hoops”, a new manner that attempts to imitate the March Chaos action from a couple of weeks ago.

Replacing the traditional football for a flashier baseball, this new method come with a new chart, complete with hardwood floors plus a modified goal, that is essentially an enflamed basketball hoop. ‘Hoops’ can be played in casual as well as matches, as well as towards AI opponents with exhibition matches.

The brand new patch also brings a host of new benefits, including the ability to make it possible for players to auto-save replays mid-game, in addition to the option to name in addition to rename replays. A handful of free community, video game and country themed banners have also been added, permitting you to deck out your car or truck even more. NBA lovers can also purchase an NBA Flag Pack, which usually adds 30 Nba team flags to your collection.

A full area note for the Ps 4 and Personal computer versions can be found here, while a separate list of patch notes to the Xbox One type can be found here.

Watch a video of the mode underneath: