So, it’s a new full week, and we have a new Humble Mobile Pack, this time featuring game titles from Noodlecake Studios. As somebody who is usually a fan in the games they generally submit I was a bit pumped up about this one. Did which excitement hold up? Is another home run sure-thing package deal like the last one by Crescent Moon Games?

Well… not exactly. Will be doing up a feature generally of the games by that Bundle in the near future but in order to be timely I figured, “What this heck!” and set out to plow through the activities in this bundle and give you some review-y goodness in case you haven’t bought it but so you’ll know getting in touch with spend, how much to spend, and what to expect. Here goes!


Uhm… it won’t mount on my nVidia Shield tablet… not off to a very good start…



Verdict: Unable to Review-mer