With April Fools’ Day out of the way, we can get back to this ultra-serious business of referring to video games and all of your shenanigans that the industry and community produces! Bree and Justin return for an additional pair lively episode to speak about their favorite internet pranks, big MMO spots, and the welcome go back of Super Adventure Box!

It’s the Vastly OP Podcast, an action-packed time of news, tales, opinions, and player emails! And remember, if you would like send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips”?button in the top-right nook of the site to accomplish this.

Show notes:

  • 00:00 – Intro and April Fools’ (with music from Guild Wars 2 SAB)
  • 02:26 – Adventures inside MMOs: Marvel Heroes, Guild Wars 2,?Project Gorgon, World of Warcraft
  • 10:54 – Mmog April Fools’ Day?as well as the return of Super Adventure Box
  • 16:00 – EVE Online commences another massive battle
  • 21:24 – Final Fantasy XI signs off of on consoles
  • 24:49 – The Top secret World does Arabian Nights
  • 27:05 – WildStar opens Arcterra
  • 28:30 – Guild Wars 2 legendary system controversy
  • 42:05 – Mailbag: Why do players want a similar experience?
  • 47:Thirty – Mailbag: Customer support
  • 55:24 – Outro

Other details:

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  • Podcast theme: “Glory!” from Guild Wars 2
  • Your indicate hosts: Bree?and Justin
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