One of the pranks many of us considered pulling regarding April Fools’ Day would be a split of Vastly OP into a pair of halves: Massively, your survival game, in addition to Overpowered, the arena fight sim. Obviously, we did not do this!

But the fact is that most of us just can’capital t get over the idea that games like H1Z1 are cracking themselves in two and charging twice as much for the full game. Amongst MMORPG players, the main concept?has greater into a literal meme.

Now in which H1Z1 has been out because King of the Kill and Just Survive for a while, I wonder which designs you folks are playing or gravitating toward. Let’s put it to a poll!

Which half of H1Z1 do you prefer?

  • King of the Kill (3%, 16 Votes)
  • Just Make it through (13%, 67 Votes)
  • I including and/or play both (1%, Your five Votes)
  • Neither; I have never played (59%, 305 Votes)
  • Neither; I cease before the split (24%, One hundred twenty-five Votes)

Total Voters: 518

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