If you were all ready to troll with?a sunsetted game or say “something by Daybreak or Trion or maybe whatever studio that’utes popular to loathe right now,” hold that in and keep in reading.

Last week, most of us covered the story with regards to a blogger entering an?online game called Active Worlds?and finding it essentially deserted. It was creepy, like photos of shuttered?and also overgrown amusement parks, and it may possibly have been a build, but it did make me personally wonder about legit MMORPGs — those which are technically living but not really.

I’ve experienced a hard time settling on one because even the versions I expect to become tiny, like Asheron’ohydrates Call, still bustle using life. I’d like to find some deserted?MMO and cheer it on, to thank the creators for not dragging the plug, therefore i turn the tips over to you: What’s the smallest, deadest, but still existing MMORPG out there?

Every day, the Massively Crowded out writers team up with mascot Mo to inquire about MMORPG players pointed?questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying variety. Grab a mug of the best beverage and have a stab at responding to the question posed with today’s Daily Mill!