Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. Following last week’s in-depth look at Black Desert’s?dollars shop, I decided this week I would proceed the trend of representing how much I like the game by complaining about it. Call it tough love if you like, but the reality is that, although I have been continuing to enjoy my own time with Black Desert, it could might improve in more when compared to a few ways.

I understand that it’s unrealistic should be expected Daum to make any alterations to the underlying mechanics of the game, and also no means do you expect it?for this. There are, however, several quality-of-life features that if extra would both greatly improve the game regarding current players and take some of the barriers which can be keeping some would-be players from taking the dive. So here, offered in no specific order, is my personal list of some of the quality lifestyle changes Black Desert most desperately needs.


Although I’m certainly not a reasonable idealist to expect Daum’s localization of the Mandarin chinese version of Black Desert to be totally flawless, and so considerably I’ve found it essentially adequate, but there are many aspects of localization, particularly in consideration to translation, in which glaringly detract from the sport experience. I’m not dealing with the occasional bit of poor grammar or difficult phrasing in NPC discussion and flavor wording; while that may upset me from time to time, I can’t feel that it should be important.

What does need to be a priority, nonetheless, is making sure that search objective text correctly reflects the actual pursuit objectives. I’ve pointed out that the fishing web template modules are particularly egregious instances of this problem; the text for the quest tracker will state you that you need to hook a certain variety of fish, but when you speak to the NPC to turn it throughout, it lists an absolutely different fish entirely. Another example from relatively early in the experience is a particular quest in Velia that says the goal is to acquire a particular number of copper ore C all 5, if I remember properly C but the NPC actually desires copper ingots. When you consider the fact that each copper ingot requires five melted copper mineral shards, each of which requires several copper ore, what would rather be a quick lesson with resource-harvesting-101 becomes a serious time investment. This kind of translation mistake is irritating even to the most affected individual of players, and it’s a huge turn-off to the a smaller amount tolerant among us.

No bare slot

At this point, I feel when I see the words “no bare slot” one more time, I’m going to tear my hair outside in a fit connected with rage. This is the meaning that’s displayed when, predictably enough, you do not possess enough inventory slot machine games available to complete no matter what action you’re wanting to take. It’s understandable in certain situations, such as?when you’re trying to turn in a quest and also?don’t have space to the reward, but in other individuals it makes absolutely no sense. Why should I need to have an empty slot any time I’m trying to sell what to a trade supervisor?

You’ll also get this concept a lot when you’re submiting quests and one from the rewards is an product you already have a stack of as part of your inventory, which means that you are likely to have to exit your NPC dialogue and sell or maybe destroy some things to create an empty slot machine that isn’t even going to always be filled anyway. Two times frustration points because the NPC to whom you might be trying to turn in the actual quest is the solely merchant within a ten-mile distance, meaning that you can’t accessibility his or her shop till the quest is turned in, and therefore you can’t promote any items to clean up some space.

Map mishandling

In Black Desert, many important functions are found only from the globe map. Notably, you will need to open the chart in order to manage the properties and designate tasks to your employees. But for some purpose, there are situations the location where the game simply is not going to allow you to open your map. The most disheartening culprits here are gathering and fishing. Should you be gathering items or even fishing C or if you only?have a fishing rod equipped, for that matter C your accessibility world map is proscribed. This is especially frustrating mainly because gathering and especially fishing both involve quite a lot of downtime that would are a fantastic opportunity to open up the map, fiddle having properties, and give purchases to your workers, only when the game would allow you to definitely do so.

Guild management

Since a couple of weeks previously when I opened the particular doors of the official Massively OP guild, your ranks have been growing rapidly and the number of managing tasks required regarding me have increased, and let me tell you something: Black Desert doesn’t make things possible for guild leaders.

For starters, there’s no slash-command to invite players to some guild, so the whole method is a bit tedious. Initially, I have to add the applicants in question to my pals list, then I ought to ensure that we’re inside same channel, which is difficult because the devs didn’t see fit to allow you to notice which channels friends and family are in. Then, I can either whisper these people or invite these phones a party so I can click on their name inside chat because there’s virtually no option to invite you to definitely a guild from the friends list. And then when they’re in the guild, I can’t renew their legal contracts unless they’re in the same channel at all like me, which is a pretty big pain in the butt when people are spread across multiple routes.

Property management

This is probably more of your own peeve than a strictly required addition, but it’s my personal article so it turns into a spot on the list! Today the only way to see that properties you’ve bought in a given city in addition to their contribution point investments, current function (electronic.g., workshop, residence), and so on is to start the city map and consider the property icons.

Determining that properties you’re at present renting is easy ample C rented properties usually are white, rentable properties are usually blue, and unrentable qualities are grey C however determining their recent functions is a bit more difficult. The housing emblems are marked along with even smaller icons that denote a given property’s current function, but they’re so tiny that they can be hard to find out, and even if you’ve got eagle vision, it’s not going to will you much good unless you’ve got every single icon’s that means memorized.

And that’s all the information you’re going to get through looking at the map; to uncover any other details about your own properties, you’re going to need to click on them separately to bring up each and every property’s info section. It would make gaming, and the lives of several other players I’m certain, so much easier if there are a way to pull up an easy list that confirmed all of the properties in a very city, their factor point costs, present functions, and so on. All over again, I don’t know if anyone in addition to me is clamoring for this element, but as it holds, managing your homes C especially when you’ve leased out almost a total city’s worth of these individuals C can get very tedious quickly, and I would encouraged any tools that would help cut down on some of that tedium.

So at this time there you have my current list of most-wanted quality-of-life features, yet it’s by no means an exhaustive number, so as always, We welcome y’all to speak in the comments to add your own personal. With any luck, the folks in Daum will keep them in your mind if (and with luck , when) they choose to add some more modifications to the game. I hope that, over time, the most pressing of them will be included so that this already great game will get even better.