Call of Duty Ghosts Space Combat

We’re getting closer to E3, which means the reveal for Call of Duty 2016 can’t be far off. According to some supposed published marketing materials, the reveal could happen next week.

Games critic Jim Sterling recently latched onto Twitter with some intended marketing materials for a shop. According to the materials, the Star Fox: Actually zero header will be replaced by Call of Duty 2016 on May 3, which would function as day the game is actually revealed.

There is priority backing this gossip up. Starting with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare A few, all Call of Duty games have been revealed within May. Even before that, many Call of Duty game titles saw a reveal sometime in the spring season. Of course, there is just one glaring error which makes this look bogus. The materials misspelled ‘Revealed” as “Reavealed.” Given this, it’s extremely possible that someone pulled this together within Photoshop.

Best to label this as a rumor until eventually either Activision or Infinity Maintain makes an announcement. Latest rumors suggest that the sport will go full sci-fi and take players very far into the future. Regardless of whether these marketing materials are really the or not, we’re prone to get some form of expose soon as we make your way E3 2016.