Lince Works announced these days, via the PlayStation Website, that Aragami is bringing a new spin upon stealth gaming for the PS4. Aragami features a slightly cel not getting sun look for your personality, with heavy usage of shadows and lighting to allow you to hide. Firelight will be showcased as a way to view your enemies and give you a specific area to run around as well as attack enemies.

The devs are aiming for making the game friendly for those who want to kill every adversary, and also for those who would like to stay as hidden as possible. They want to provide challenge back to stealth games, and increase tension that has been skipped for the last few years. Right here, you will be alone as well as outnumbered – without a gun as well as regenerating health to survive. You have to use your senses, you sword, and also a proper use of dark to survive and succeed. The game is set to be unveiled in the fall, and appearance quite promising.